[SELLING] Promos and Rares - CLOSED

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  1. 3x Marlix Boots
    1x Marlix Chestplate
    1x Marlix Bow - GIVEAWAY!
    18x Dragon Stones
    52x Cooked Turkey
    1x 2013 Independence Day Firework - GIVEAWAY!
    1x Blizz Ard Nose
    1x Blizz Ard Arm - Currently Unavailable, but will hopefully be soon :)
    1x 2015 Avalauncher
    1x Cupid Bow - GIVEAWAY!
    1x Cupid Bow

    I am taking offers on all of these :D

  2. Momentus dropped his bow? :p

    Did not know he had one.
  3. :/ Whoops
    Changed to Momentus Toothpick
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  4. Added Avalauncher 2015!
  5. 1 Blizz Ard Nose sold, 3 more still available!
  6. How much for the cooked turkeys?
  7. 88 cooked turkeys left!
  8. 5k for firework? ik its low but thats what I have
  9. i can't do that, sorry.
  10. Are you willing to do a trade? I'll give you a beacon for the firework.
  11. Tempting, but I'll have to decline
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  12. No worries! ^_^ I figured an item worth 18k in a good market would be fine lol. Good Luck!
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  13. Added Marlix Leggings and 2 Cupid Bows!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.