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  1. these are the promos and rares i have for sale all prices are negotiable

    2014 turkey slicer x1 -25k
    iron support voucherx1-70k
    new years 2014 firework x1 -5k
    blizz ards nose x3 -45k
    blizz ards arm x2 -45k
    blizz ards eye x3 -45k
  2. may i buy the labor bench 2014 and the 2014 new years firework. will pay as soon as i get on
  3. yes once payment is recieved i will mail them to you
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  4. I'll buy a Momentus Toothpick. Can pay at 6PM EMC time.
  5. If you thought that I bought the Marlix bow, I changed my mind to Momentus toothpick.
  6. just added netherhound egg, momentus helmet, vault voucher, and iron support voucher
  7. i know you wanted momentus toothpick i dont list it as sold till i get the money first come first served who ever pays first
  8. i'll buy the nether hound
    i'll pay asap :)

    edit: asap was quick :p i payed