[Selling] Promos and other related items

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  1. I have the following for sale:
    (all are unused)

    2 Ham Hackers
    1 Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    1 Freedom Blade
    1 Lucky Bow

    2 Blizz Ard Noses
    3 Dancers
    2 Holiday Candles (2014)
    1 Avalauncher
    3 Stacks of Cooked Turkeys (Thanksgiving)
    2 Stacks of Taste the Freedom Steaks

    1 2014 Birthday Cake
    1 2015 Birthday Cake

    2 Remembrance Poppies

    1 4th of July, 2013 Independence Day Firework
    2 4th of July, 2014 Independence Day Fireworks
    2 EMC New Years 2014 Empire Fireworks

    2 Love Potion No.9s
    3 Cupid Bows
    1 Cupid Bundle SOLD!
    4 stacks of Cupid Arrows

    1 2014 Labor Day Bench
    1 IceCreamCow Skin
    1 Magical Eggcellent Wand
    1 Pi Pie

    1 Starter Horse

    PM me if interested
  2. I also have DCs of Prismarine, Prismarine Blocks, and Sea Lanterns if anyone wants to buy them.
  3. It'd be helpful if folks who want things send me offers, otherwise I'm going to use the prices in the EMC Price Guide.
  4. How much for the 4 stacks of cupid arrows? I would offer but I have no idea what they are valued at
  5. bump, everything is still available since folks flake out
  6. what would your price be for the ICC flesh?
  7. How much for the Avalauncher I want one really bad.