[Selling] Promos and more!

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  1. Note: I can negotiate, but will not go for more than 2k off the original selling price

    If items are crossed out (e.g. ABC), they are out of stock.
    If items are in bold (e.g. ABC), they are being reserved by someone
    If items are in italics (e.g. ABC), they are on sale.

    • 1x Lucky Bow: 35k
    • 1x Love Potion No.9: 15k
    • 21x Pot o' Gold: 16k each
    • 1x Remembrance Poppy: 13.5k
    • 1x Pi Pie: 13.5k (Reserved)
    • 1x Cupid's Bow: 8k (Reserved)
    • 21x Magical Eggcellent Wands: 12.5k each
    • 1x Headless Horseman Mask: SALE PRICE: 25k (3k off the original selling price)
    • 1x Diamond Horse Barding: 2.5k (Reserved)
    • 2221x Dragon Stone: SALE PRICE: 16k each (4k off the original selling price)
  2. I'll take the love potion for 15k
  3. Ok I can mail after I receive payment.
  4. I wont be able to get on until 8pm Emc time tomorrow, will pay then.
  5. Ok.
  6. I'll take the Pi Pie and the Horse Barding :)
  7. Sorry but someone else already PMed me for the Pi before you did. The horse barding is still for sale, however.
  8. I'll take the cupids bow
  9. Someone already PMed me for that too, sorry.
  10. Bump. Still selling many promos.