[Selling] Promos and EMC rares!

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  1. 2 IcC Birthday Vouchers :D Will meet you in game :)
    Edit: Can you reserve one Iday Firework for me as well?
  2. Sure! I'm on right now if you can get on.
  3. Awesome :) Will be on in a Sec, new computer, just starting up Minecraft, might be 5 minutes :p I will have the funds for the Iday firework within a day or two as well ;)
  4. I'm about to go to bed, I put the vouchers in the auction winners pick up room at 7075. Just pay when you go to pick it up.
  5. Cheers, cant get on :/ silly computer hahaha
  6. Paid and picked up, thanks!
  7. I Will Buy A Double chest of zombie viruses won't be on til tomorrow or so though
  8. Ok that's fine, I'll set up the chest and you can pay me when you next get on line.
  9. Paid and pixced up :p
  10. Bump
    Added an ICC Eggnog to the list!
  11. ill buy eggnog but could you go lower, don't want to spend that much :]
  12. How much lower?