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  1. Due to myself being busy doing other things and others not being on at the same time to do transactions, I have set up a Small Chest Shop for the items on Smp6 12006 Spawn Lot.
    Price can still be negotiated, hit me up with a PM but bring forth your case with thought before starting because its obvious everyone would like free promos.

    Im gonna make this simple and straight forward:

    2014 Turkey Slicers - 60k (x19)
    Cooked Turkey - 1.5k (x546 aka 8 stacks + 39)
    Feast for a King - 27k (x5)
    Big Daddy helmet - 155k (x1) - Set Aside for a buyer for 2 days
    Feather Fallllling Boots - 155k (x1)
    ICC Flesh - 3.5k (x16)

    List gets updated and things may be added as I go along in the day.

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  2. Bump! These are negotiable.
  3. I could do 130k each on the 60l members armor
  4. sorry lowest Ill do on those is 145k
  5. I'll buy 2 ICC Flesh
  6. Updated OP
  8. Seeing promos being sold but everything's crossed out...

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  9. If you read the bottom of the OP where its updated, Everything has moved to 12006 on Smp6. You can buy from there
  10. Morning Bump! Read OP as it was Updated !