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  1. Hi guys MasterPancake5 here, and Im selling promo horse's! I am selling Valens (strong horse) and Incitatus (speedy horse) at res 1912 on SMP1! Both horses are going for 25k each, and if in stock you can buy armor and saddles for them there too! I only have 1 of each on stock so you better hurry and come buy them before they are both gone! :)
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  2. Lol I messed up the title... SMP1 *
  3. Arn't they selling for 20k at /shop, or has that promo already ended?
  4. They sell for 35k in/shop
  5. What are the full stats on both horses because aside from their feature stat I have heard they can vary
  6. One sec, ill let ya know...
    Incitacus - 130 speed, 79 jump, 26 hp, chestnut with black dots (Fast Horse)
    Valens- 84 speed, 63 jump, 34 hp, creamy white dots (Strong Horse)