[Selling] Promo/Event Items

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  1. ---------------------------------------- Promos I'm Selling
    Promo (with wiki link) xquantity in stock - price per item

    ---------------------------------------- Independence Day Items
    freedom-blade x2 - 35k
    ---------------------------------------- Random Assorted Items
    2014-birthday-cake x9 - 25k
    headless-horseman-mask x2 - 15k (2 reserved for: DragonHawk32) sold
    labor-bench-2014 x2 - 20k
    spooky-egg x1 - 40k (reserved for: ChickenButler) sold
    ---------------------------------------- Thanksgiving Items
    ham-hacker x5 - 49k
    thanksgiving-event-turkey-slicer x2 x1 - 50k (1 reserved for anon) (1 reserved for: SkareCboi)sold
    cooked-turkey x100 - 1.5k (chest shop at 16094, Smp8)
  2. I'll take both bows!
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  3. Simply list what items you want, the quantity for each, and the total price.
    I will mail the items to you. :)
  4. Upon payment I will mail both bows :)
  5. Ill take the ore buster and independence leggins and helmet:)
    Total 175k
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  6. Ore buster x 1 102k

    Payment will be sent sometime tomorrow morning.
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  7. Upon payment I will mail the orebuster :D

    edit: 2000th Post
  8. I edited two other items... thanks! :)
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  9. 1 buster reserved for Luckypat, the other is reserved for you. Thank you.
  10. OP edited to include the reserved items awaiting payment and delivery.
  11. Which Aikar head if the one stated?
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  12. Paid: I forgot I could use minechat to pay.
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  13. Click the Link. It's the economy destroying drop party one.
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  14. Sorry I didn't catch this in your other post, but the orebuster is 105k, not 102k
  15. I'll take the Aikar head.
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  16. It's a deal, I'll mail when paid :D
  17. Idk where I got 102 then I'll send the rest in a few
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  18. Paid.
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  19. Shop sign set up for turkeys at the price listed. It is at the building entrance on my first res, /v Luckygreenbird or /v 16094 , Smp8