[Selling] Project X Wilderness Base

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  1. So I already posted on the original PX thread why, now here are the buying details:

    I'll get straight to the price I am asking for. 600,000 rupees or best offer. I will only say that it is on smp5 and that it is over 50,000 blocks away. You are paying for it's coordinates and it's ownership.

    For the 600,000 rupees you get the following:

    - A 60x60 Head quarters building made up of:
    - About a DC of iron blocks
    - About a DC of quartz blocks
    - About a DC of glass blocks
    - 4 beacons
    - A few stacks of glowstone
    - A Storage room with a few chests having a few items in them
    - A farm/greenhouse with carrots, potatoes, wheat, pumpkin and melon
    - Some chests filled with goods as seen in the pictures posted below

    Pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/bfVXH

    If you are interested, and would like further information, post here. I am very flexible so make me an offer, be creative.

    Also remember, 600,000 rupees seems like a lot to one person, but grab 11 other friends and you each only pay 50,000 rupees, and get to share this epic wilderness base with tons of potential.

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  2. Now, lets see, how can I afford this...
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  3. I will think about this ninja..... just need some friends to get into it.
  4. ill see where i can pull this money from
  5. It's a very nice base. Mobs don't spawn in it so you are safe, it has fully charged beacons set up, and it is in a prime location for multiple farms. Iron farms? No problem. It also has a very nice nether location for a gold farm.
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  6. ... Want...
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  7. Don't have CLOSE to the friends or rupees for dis. Mind blowing base though! Only about 50k lol
  8. I know where it is :D
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  9. This has not yet been sold and I am still open for offers. :)
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  10. 600,000 r? Really?:confused:
  11. It's made completly out of iron blocks and quartz with 4 beacons all powered :/
  12. If you read the whole thing, the price is okay in my own opinion, but I am open to offers as already stated. :)
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  13. How bout a little trade? :cool:

    To use my "wee" villager trading post for access to this glorious build :D
  14. I was more interested in the rupee payment, but if you were able to come up with some kind of combination of both, send me the details in a conversation. :)
  15. Sold! To deathconn! :D
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  16. He took it! :D