Selling Problems

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  1. Looking for the proper ID for Rose Red and Dandelion Yellow. Rose Red doesn't work says the item is out of stock and Dandelion Yellow is too long cuts out the w.

  2. Try "yellow dye" and "Red dye" in place of Dandelion Yellow and Rose Red.
  3. Invalid ID :|
  4. Pro tip: when you are holding it in your hand type /iteminfo and use the id it gives you instead of the name.
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  5. Says Ink_sack for both items, and when I tried to sell using that name it doesn't work.
  6. The tooltip is actually "Ink Sac".

    Nevermind, didn't realize you were still talking about the dyes.

  7. I'm starting to suspect that the shop plugin isn't set up to sell dyes.
  8. It is possible, I haven't tested it with Dyes, and the chest shop plugin is one that I didn't develop....
  9. Go to the empire store with /store . It has all of the names for selling dyes on each wool :)
  10. Justin, I did try this, but its doesnt work, could the problem be because the town store does not require a chest nearby? So when making a store with a chest the coding for that with some particular items such as dyes could be faulty?

  11. Any of the names in the town store will work on any shop sign :) At least they should I will test when I get on next (out on my phone right now)
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  12. Noice, good weather? XD