[Selling] Prime Location 8011 res o smp4 near spawn

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  1. 8011 for sale!
    Please make offers!!!!
    It is right near the spawn check it out
    its my alts res and not anyone else's
  2. Is it legal to "sell" residences?
  3. I think so but your at your own risk but you can trust me
  4. Its not at your own risk. scamming is a PERM ban
  5. Yeah dwarf is really trustworthy... we did a few deals and would up becoming good business partners
  6. Selling a residence is allowed under certain guidelines.
  7. It depends how he is going about this.
    If he is selling perms, then it is not allowed.
    If he is unclaiming the residence to allow another to claim it, then he can.
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  8. its unclaiming to sell
  9. yup