[SELLING!] Plot on smp4! 8977

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  1. Hey there, I'm selling a plot on smp4, plot number 8977, this means u can buy everything on/in it all at once! So the plot is divided into 3 main sections, (underground, ground level, sky). In the underground is a semi-automatic wheat/carrot/potato farm, there is also a cobblestone generator, chest room, automated smelter, and last (but so not least), is a fully automatic brewing machine! On the ground level, there is a (pretty darn big, over half built) mansion, like i said, its not fully completed, but over half way done, besides this is a big pond and some weird unfinished pixel art thing... (made by my friend) . The sky island was a project of mine i never quite finished, so at this point its just a landscaped island, i did have it in mind to make that a medieval market, but I'm sure you can use it for just about anything. There are some chests left on the plot with some stuff in them. (You might even find an enchanted diamond pick... but i guess you never know ;) So i must say, even if you don't want all these nifty features, it would still be worth it if just for the MATS left. I'm not selling it for the chests, but since there were some, i went through and put preview signs on each, (but if u find something i forgot to put a sing on reply to this thread or PM me about it and i will see to it! :D I am thinking of maybe about 40K, based off all the time/money/mats i spent on all these projects, and how "move in ready" it is, to be quite honest however I'm not entirely sure how much its really worth, so feel free to reply with counter-offers.
    Thanks for reading,
    P.S. the pressure plates to get to the skyland and the underground are behind the fishing chairs. (They are marked with which one goes where.
    P.P.S. The auto smelter and cobble generator need their red-stone clocks reset every once in a while, but I'm sure there is a way to fix that, also if you need help with the auto brewer I'm sure you can find a tutorial on youtube. (that's where i got the build)
  2. I'll buy any carrots that you have.
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  3. Lol