[Selling] Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher

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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Send me a Private Message on the forums with your best offer.
  2. Bump! Still looking to sell. :)
  3. You spent days looking for one, why sell?
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  4. For ruppez
  5. I'll offer 1.1m for it.
  6. speak to crafter31211 he is offering quite a bit more for one of these i think
  7. Lol that's max Res voucher but I already sent w pm to Ben about this.
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  8. I saw that and chose to do it this way anyways.
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  9. Bump. Still only one offer. Taking offers for a few more days.
  10. Bump. Still taking offers. Only one so far.
  11. Bump. Starting to think auctioning it is better. Still taking offers for a couple more days.
  12. If you are not looking to sell in a hurry you can get more as most people who buy these are not on the forums or ingame much...
  13. Bump! Still over a day left for offers. :)
  14. Closed per OP request
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.