[Selling] Payday The Heist

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  1. Hey guys :) recently I won a contest which prize was "Payday The Heist" on steam. I unfortunately cannot play this game since you have to have a PC to play it and I have a Mac. The game is rated M for mature. You can find more info here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/24240/

    Pm me with offers.

    Notice: I have gotten permission from the contest holder that I may sell this game since I have a Mac. I am not winning a game then disrespectfully selling it to make rupees. If I had a functioning gaming PC I would totally play this game but I do not.

    Also this was posted from my iPod so there is no photos or colors sorry


    I will decide on Wednesday or Thursday on the offer I will take. Then I will get you the code Sunday or Monday (or sooner of I can work something out)

    Asking for rupees.
  2. I want this game but i'm scared of myself lagging like heck...
  3. Keep the Pm's comming! Updated original post about when I will decide with my final offer
  4. So you are asking real money or rupees?
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  5. Rupees
  6. 1r (I have a Mac)
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  7. Hey Minner, if it is still open, I will raise the bid in the PM
  8. Offers are still open until Wednesday or Thursday
  9. Remember! Tomorrow MIGHT be the last day to submit an offer!
  10. You could have someone do something to it with wineskin; it converts windows programs to ones that run on Mac. Google it.
  11. I might get a new laptop or conputer In a year or two and then I will get the game with my money and say it was the same prize xD but I'm not going to hold the game for a year and not let someone else have the enjoyment of it
  12. You take the game launcher… place it in the wineskin folder… rename it to the program name… add an icon… double click! Poof! It now runs on Mac.
  13. I use wineskin for mine-imator.
  14. Final bump!
  15. Shhhhh, don't bump.
    That will give other people chances to bid