[SELLING] Overstock, Lots of it

Discussion in 'Selling' started by SkareCboi, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. I got quite a lot of over stock. Get it cheap while it lasts. PM ingame or reply to this thread. First come first served.

    DC Sea Lanterns: 34567 r (50DCs in stock)
    DC Leather: 42387r (11DCs in stock)
    DC Mycel: 6543 r 1500 r (50DCs in stock)
    DC Raw Beef: 5069 r (20DCs in stock) allow up to 48hr for order
    DC Carrots: 2089 r (40DCs in stock)
  2. Could I take a DC of raw beef?
    I'll pay tomorrow:)
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  3. Could I take the DC of Sea Lanterns? Will edit post when paid :)

    EDIT :
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  4. Pickup at 9133 behind you. Payment on pickup.
    Pickup at 9133 behind you.
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  5. Payment Sent:)
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  6. I would like to buy a DC of Sea Lanterns, I can pay now and pick it up later.
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  7. Pickup at 9133 behind spawn. Payment on pickup.
  8. paid and picked up. Thanks!
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  9. I'd like a DC of raw beef and carrots
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  10. Pickup at 9133 behind spawn. Payment on pickup.
  11. Thanks, it will be a while though since I'm on vacation until Sunday. If you don't want to wait that long- no worries
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  12. I'll take a DC of sea lanterns. I'll pay as soon as I get on tonight
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  13. No worries, no rush.
    Pickup at 9133 behind spawn. Payment on pickup.
  14. Could I get 2 more DCs of sea lanterns?
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  15. Pickup at 9133 behind spawn. Payment on pickup.
  16. Payment sent. Ill pick them up later today if that's alright
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  17. Paid 7158r and picked up
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  18. bump, updated OP.
  19. i will take 10 dc's of beef
    2 of mycel
    and 1 of leather
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