[SELLING] Over Powered Bows

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  1. O.P.B. bows for sale. Fine hand-made bows with all the maximum upgrades.

    That is: Power V, Flame II, Punch II, Infinity I and Unbreaking III.

    It can one shot mobs and players with no armor..
    Really good for PvP and survival! People with swords will have a hard time coming close to you.
    And from now on raging mobs will be peanuts for you!

    Unlike promo bows, this O.P. Bow can be repaired with any bow on a anvil!
    So it will be a one time investment you wont regret.

    The bows go for a fair price of R10.000,- Go to smp4 > 8028 > Archery shop

    Due to rare enchantments, lots of exp. and ivestments it can take some time to make one, so I don't have a stock, but will make 1-2 each 2-3 days. If chest is empty feel free to pre-order. Buy a book and quill (next to bow chest). Write your name in it and server you live, drop it in the hopper and your bow will be done within 1-2 days. Feel free to add your own custom name, free of charge! Drop the book in the hopper and I will go to work as soon as I read it. If you home I will bring it., otherwise you'll get intsructions on where to pick up your order.

    The archery shop also have regular bows and cheap arrows for sale.
    And a few books to upgrade your own bow. Smp4 > 8028
  2. Thanks for those who bought and pre-ordered. Have fun with it!

    A bumpy for being open again :)
  3. bump for little stock again :3