[Selling] Outpost with a lot including 6 iron golem cells

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  1. Hi EMC, I'm thinking if I can get a good price I am going to sell my outpost. It has 6 iron golem cells, a big auto crop farm a big pig farm and a big cow farm (about 200 in each section so 400 animals) a skeleton auto killing grinder got a LOT of DC's of stuff afk and also an auto cactus farm, an auto chicken farm a big storage building about 5 stories high and a big platform as its in the sea!
    Its on smp4 and a fair distance from spawn I'll count in a min. I'll also add pictures to this too. So please post or pm prices your willing to pay.
    oh and a mini castle and a docks :p
  2. I don't think you can't sell outpost...
  3. why not? its probs not recommended but I don't want anymore so may aswell sell and not just leave
  4. Sell the Skeleton Spawner location instead.
  5. nice place, i was just there, i followed the cords on your live map pic, dont worry i didnt take anything
  6. Uhm yeah, now we all know where it is + coords ^.^ might wanna get rid of that pic
  7. oops... sorry guys please dont take advantage of my fail
  8. no because its sooo close to this
  9. And don't even show that pic at all. Someone can just look at the live map and it won't be hard to see where your outpost is because you posted what it looked like. Just remove it IMO.
  10. ok I'm being stupid :p thanks haro
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  11. I don't think you are thinking this through, Mr. Dwarf. We are not allowed to sell outposts like you are trying to do. We are allowed to sell Spawner coordinates though.

    Your initial post says that there is a Skeleton grinder there so you are already offering it as part of your outpost anyway. Sooo... Sell your Skeleton Spawner and include the rest of your outpost as part of the deal. Problem solved.
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  12. Basically instead of saying "Selling outpost plus skele grinder" say "Selling skele grinder plus outpost"
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  13. ok I will do that.... thanks
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  14. I might be intrested. What are you looking for?
  15. please pm me a sensible offer