[Selling] Ore things

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  1. DC of redstone (block form): 9k
    SC of coal (block form): 2.5k
    9 stacks of lapis (block form): 2.8k

    Reply to thread to buy, free delivery :)
  2. ill buy teh coal
  3. I'll buy all of it. what's it cost?
  4. Pay teh moneyz.
    You can buy teh redstone and lapis
    price is 11.8k
  5. Very misleading, these are blocks not ore :p
  6. ... they were ores about an hour ago....
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  7. Ill buy teh redstone and lapis :)
  8. I believe the items are sold, I will know once rhino and NZ reply :)
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  9. Hey stew I'm set up to buy the coal at 4321 smp2 just turn left
  10. will come in a few mins :)