[Selling] One Month Diamond Supporter Voucher!

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  1. Hello Emperians!

    I got a nice piece of virtual paper for sale!

    You all know what I'm talking about: A voucher for 1 month of Diamond supportership!

    This is NOT an auction, I request that, If you're interested, you send me a PM with your rupee offer. I will consider it, and come back to you!

    So PM away :D!

  2. Leowaste was looking for one of these, I'll tell him.
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  3. Alright :)
  4. I picked one up already. Ty jacob <3.
  5. i am interested i just dont have alot of rupees
  6. How much R do you have?

    And BUMPEhz
  7. Yeah Diamond vouchers usually go from 140,000r to 170,000r
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