[Selling] Omar's Enchanted Books on /smp1

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Should I just put a chest shop for my XP Bottles so that you don't have to PM me?

Yes 5 vote(s) 71.4%
No 2 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. Come to /smp1 ./v +bookstore for GREAT CHEAP Enchanted Books!

    I sell every kind of enchant there is! I even do bulk orders of XP Bottles and God Armor.
    If you would like to order a set of God Armor or bulk order XP Bottles, please PM me in forums or in-game.

    So if you need enchanted books or diamond gear? Come right to /smp1 ./v +bookstore!
  2. Shop is definetly worth to have a look at, cheap prices, and the shop owner seems pretty active on the game aswell from the looks of it. So if you are on SMP1, this is a must go place. (He listened to one of my reccomendations aswell so thats a big plus aswell.)
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  3. For an update:
    It seems the poll indicates that people would like me to sell xp bottles using shop signs, and therefore I will be setting up a shop for that in the near future, and at the moment I am undergoing some renovation to expand the storage space for the books so that I can have 2 dc's stocked at a time.

    That is all for the update and I will keep you posted in case anything more happens! Suggestions are always welcome!

  4. I Think That You Should put a chest with bottles because its quick and you don't take time and you don't forget what price it is. By The Way I Really Like Your Shop and I have bought Quite A Few Books From You. Cheap And Worth Buying. Great Shop Omar Good Work You`ve Done! :D

    I Bought The Books like a Month Ago because I haven't Been On Empire Minecraft For A Month And Lost My Residence but Ill Still Buy Books From You! I Restarted Empire Minecraft Two Days Ago
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  5. Thank you for the kind words! I will absolutely be adding a chestshop for the exp bottles as soon as I can get stocked on them! Welcome back!
  6. Omarsgifford14s services are awesome. I buy all my op armor from him and all I have to get a new pair is pm him or now leave him a p note. My order is always ready by the time I log in the next day. What's amazing is the first set I got from him protected me against two marlixes, three momentos and being the the ping pong ball of five creepers. Sooo yea love his armor and his bunny mansion.
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  7. Hello everyone!

    I have an update for you all! My shop will be moving to the enchanted book section of Todd_Vinton's ./v 2000 mega mall! We will be moving shortly, and until then, my shop will still be open. I will be buying and selling enchanting bottles and all the affordable maxed out enchanting books you all know and love.