[SELLING] Ogre 2 DC's of Promos

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  1. Pm me with prices
    I can also post pictures of said items

    1x iday boots DO NOT TAKE
    2x freedom blade chest
    2x iday pants chest
    126x freedom steak
    20x icc flesh
    3x cake parkour event -sold 3 for 12k each-
    8x EMC cake
    134x soulbound bread -sold-
    128x soulbound torch -sold-
    128x shiny arrows
    11x dragon stone -sold 3-
    16x dragon stone fragments
    10x soulbound cow -sold-
    10x soulbound sheep -sold-
    5x getting started book
    2x getting started book soulbound
    2x empire next step books
    61x shiny flesh
    4x unused starter pick soulbound final
    1x used starter pick soulbound final 247/250
    1x used starter pick soulbound
    1x maxarian head -sold-
    1x unused starter shovel soulbound final -sold-
    1x unused starter axe soulbound final -sold-
    1x used starter sword soulbound final 247/250
    1x used starter sword 246/250
    1x IcC skin
    25x dark red freedom blades -11 sold-
    2x unused starter chestplate soulbound final -sold 1-
    2x unused starter leggings souldbound final -sold 1-
    4x unused starter boots soulbound final -sold 1-
    2x iday helmet
    2x iday chest
    1x iday leggings
    1x iday boots
    2x lucky bows
    3x 2014 iday empire firework
    1x 2013 new year firework -sold-
    7x 2014 iday firework
    1x haunted head
    4x unused starter horses
    4x stable vouchers
    11x vault vouchers - sold 3-
    2x 2013 labor benches
    11x 2014 labor benches
    4x light red freedom blades
    4x unused starter sword soulbound final
    1x unused 6starter sword sharpness 2 unbreaking 1 -sold-
    1x used starter boots soulbound final 41/195 -sold-
    1x used starter leggings soulbound final 71/225 -sold-
    1x used starter chestplater soulbound final 86/240 -sold-
    1x used starter helmet soulbound final 11/165 -sold-
    1x holiday pick -sold-

    I don't know how i got so many but my God I wanna get rid of them xD If you have any questions about enchants for the older starter gear comment below :p
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  2. Holiday Pick, Haunted Head, and Vault Vouchers, How much?
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  3. How much is the freedom steak?
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  4. Lol talking to you about it rn
    1577r each at /v 1577 ;P
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  5. Hm...
    Pic of the cake parkour thingamabob, and price?
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  6. 12k each will post after "misc update" reboot whatever that means probs government controlling our brains

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  7. I'll prob buy one or two of them.
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  8. i want a cake parkour event voucher plz :p
    if you still have one tho :D
  9. Same question. :p
  10. Any more cake parkour vouchers?
  11. Oh goodness, I have 1 cake parkour voucher left.
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  12. how much for an iday firework?

    how much for the dark red blade?

    please tell prices individually,but if there a discount for buying both also add this as a third price
  13. aw fudge. Can we shout prices for it in a pm? :rolleyes:
  14. How much for a vault voucher?
  15. I'll take it. Payment is being sent.
  16. Ehm...3 people want zeh cake voucher...
  17. Holiday pick and Maxarian head?
  18. Can I see pictures of the dark and light red freedom blades, please?
  19. 2013 Labor Bench? And who gets zeh cake parkour voucher?
  20. All iday armor pieces?
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