Selling Oak Plank in Bulk

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  1. I am selling Oak Planks in Bulk. Place fill out the form below and comment it.

    Stacks of Oak Planks (limit 20):
    Total Cost:
    Need By:

    Pricing Chart:
    It is 35r per stack of oak plank. Every 5 stacks you buy you will get 4r off
    It is a additional 5r if you need it within the week, 10r if you need it in the next 3 days, and 30r in the next day.
    I charge a 10r for delivering to servers other than smp9.
  2. Edit: Lowered Price to 55r per stack
  3. Logs or planks?
  4. Plank, as stated in the title and post
  5. You are asking too much... NO DEAL .
  6. How much should I sell them for?
  7. Edit: Lowered to 35r per stack
  8. 1 stack of logs is 4 stacks of oak planks...........
  9. 20r/stack and I will buy 50 stacks off you.
  10. I am reseting all of this, expect to see another post in the next few days that will have different logs and stuff