Selling Netherhounds

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  1. 90k Each. Ill post when I'm out of stock. PM me if you want to buy one.

    2 in stock
  2. why would one want a nether hound?
  3. Because you cant get them anymore. There was a bug when they first came out and you were able to eggify them.
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  4. Let me check my budget. I might be able to get one.
  5. Ok Great :p Im online
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  6. 3 In stock :p
  7. Can we do 80k
    If so Hold one for me pls
  8. Can you still Egg the NetherHounds? i have been going around the nether for about 1 hour looking for one? XD
  9. Ohh nice I would like one but can't get it ( money problems) Anyway people have fun buying.

    P.S stay safe and stay awesome
  10. No, the bug have been fixed long time ago
  11. Ok thank you so much for the reply!
  12. 0 in stock
  13. Wolf posted just above you saying 0 in stock so I'm not sure if any are left though!