[Selling] Nether quartz (flakes)

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  1. Hello, I'm selling nether quartz flakes 1 for 7r or 16 for 112r on SMP3 res 6329. I have a full double chest so hopefully whoever needs it will get some :). I'm not auctioning them because i'm not the auctioning kind of person I guess. Enjoy!
    All out, thanks for buying!
  2. Restocked! Now I have a full double chest again. :)
  3. Reduced price- was 1 for 7 rupees, now 1 for 4 rupees!
  4. That is so exspensive..
  5. I thonk its 100 quartz flake fire 500 r normally
  6. Well, I reduced the price plus people bought it at this price...