[SELLING] Mycel Cheap at 2559

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  1. I am Selling Mycel (Mycelium) Cheap at 2559 on smp1 (one of only 4 smp1 Corner Res :D).
    Just look on the left.
    I sell in partial stacks, full stacks, and single chest full.
    If it runs out, let me know and I will restock when I can.
    Thank you for shopping.
  2. Amazing deal, now... time to farm brown mushrooms! > : )
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  3. Restocked.
    Now 3 DC's Cheap Mycel available (2 bulk and one regular).
    Also you can now see my huge Lava Walls.
    Thank you.
  4. Horses can grow and live on Mycel, and I sell it cheap.
    Also, you can buy an EfficiencyV head that looks like a small Diamond Block.
    2559 on smp1.
  5. Cheap Mycel restocked.
    Also EfficiencyV diamond block heads restocked.
    2559 on smp1.
    Chest on left.
  6. Did you use Efficiency V to dig all the mycel? *ba dum tsss*
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