Selling my promos to make some monies!

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  1. Currently selling the following Promo items.

    Unused promo Items.

    _60k Member Items_
    -Bullet Proof Vest - 550k
    -Big Daddy Helmet - 550k
    -Feather Fallllling Boots - 550k
    -Cactus Pants - 550k
    -Flaming Mob Launcher - 650k
    -Turfinator - 650k
    -Ore Buster - 650k
    -Everlasting Axestopper - 650k

    _2 Years horses_ *un spawned* 1 of each left.
    -Valens - 450k
    -Incitatus - 450k
    -Saltar - 450k

    _Custom mob Eggified_ *not able to anymore*
    -Netherhound - 150k

    -Headless Horseman Axe - 45k (5 in stock)

    -Turkey slicer 90k

    -Lucky Bow - 115k

    -Trick or Treat Bundle - 100k (3 left in stock)

    -Haunted Head - 40k (3 in stock)
    -Rudolph - 250k
    -Headless Horseman Mask - 30k (3 instock)
    -Remembrance Poppy - 20k (8 in stock)
    -2013 Labor Bench - 45k (2 in stock)
    -Haunted Candy (EnderPearl) - 50r (1728 in stock)
    -EMC Firework NY 2013 - 60k
    -Independence Day Firework 2013 - 60k
    -EMC Firework I-Day 2013 - 60k

    Some prices may be open to negotiation, Contact me in pm, Extreamly low offers will be ignored.

    Stock may not be as shown, due to lack of me updating the thread every time an item sells.
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  2. Is That really wHat all that stuff going for now
  3. Jaysus these prices are crazy ._.
  4. Are your 2 year horses used or unused?
  5. No :p
  6. I would price these higher than normal as they are negotiable. I'm sure he's over priced them to look for fair deals during negotiations.
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  7. Unused I believe.
  8. Death just wants to make some money. ;)
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  9. That's what I was thinking too as he mentioned he had those the other day, but I thought I'd check with him anyway so that he can write it into the list too.
  10. yes they are un spawned.
  11. Updated the stock.