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  1. Hello, EMC. Today, I am selling my 13 EMC items. I'm not so good with prices, so if you see anything you like, make an offer, and if I like it, I'll sell you the item.

    This post may not be updated instantly after I sell something, so some things might still look like they're being sold, after they've been sold.

    • Holiday Pick
    • Everlasting Axestopper
    • Turkey Slicer
    • Vault Voucher
    • Vault Voucher
    • Stable Voucher
    • Stable Voucher
    • Labor Bench - A crafting table given away on Labor Day. You can right click this anywhere and you could open the crafting GUI without placing it.
    • Haunted Head
    • Empire Firework
    • Empire Firework
    • Independence Day Firework
    • IcecreamCow Birthday Voucher

    Empire Firework 1.png Empire Firework 2.png Everlasting Axestopper.png Haunted Head.png Holiday Pick.png ICC Birthday Voucher.png Independance Day Firework.png Labor Bench.png Stable Voucher.png Stable Voucher.png Turkey Slicer.png Vault Voucher.png Vault Voucher.png

    That's all I have to say. Just name a price if you see anything you want.
  2. I'll pay 12k for the Holiday Pick.
  3. Deal. I'm currently on Smp1 if you want to pick it up now.
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  4. Paid and picked up. Thanks.
  5. 18k for both vault vouchers? 10k for turkey slicer? 5K for independence day fw
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  6. I'll accept the first offer, but I'm looking for a little more the Turkey Slicer and much more for the Independence day firework.
  7. Okay, I'll do 12k for slicer, and I can do 7k for independence day fw
  8. Oh and 4k for labour bench and 5k for haunted head 10k for both 2013 fw and lastly 7k everlasting axestopper
  9. How much do you even think this stuff is worth, anyway?
  10. I'll buy whatever is left, can you give me a bulk price ?
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  11. I will give you 10k for the 2014 firework.
  12. Okay. I'll be on later today. I can't say when, though.
  13. My offer....?
  14. 15k for the everlasting axe stopper?
  15. Ok, i will pay you the 10k, and then tell me where i can pick up :D.
  16. Sorry, I forgot to tell you I wanted to wait a little to see if I would get any more business. Besides the Axestopper and the 2014 firework, everything can be yours, as soon as I work out a price.
  17. Sounds like a deal. I'll be on later today.
  18. Whats the difference between Iday firework and empire firework?
  19. Wait i just paid 10k for the firework 2014!!!
  20. And where do i pick up mister jay???