selling my diamond silk touch with unbreaking III !!!!!

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  1. selling my silk touch with unbreaking III and efficiency is slightly used almost nothing so it it practicly new.
    since it has unbreaking III it will last as long as 4 normal silk touch pickaxses, becouse of this ofcourse it will be really expensive soo starting bid will be 45k and each of youre bids must at least be 1k higer then the last bid! =) good luck
  2. Awesome grab!!! Good luck with the auction mate! :)
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  4. Ill pay 1,500 for it
  5. RANDOMBOISTRIKES!!! Ohhellyahboisdaddysgonnagrabmeasilkypickmybruddassas!!!
  6. Translation ^^^Oh hell yah bois daddys gonnagrab me a silky pick my bruddassas!!
  7. i have 150 no more
  8. does that make me poor?
  9. nones paying 45k bro 1,500 is myne
  10. yes , yes it does make u poor
  11. donate to poor?
  12. ill give you 5k for it but not 45k sorry
  13. I will bid 15 k? How bout that?
  14. thats cruel
  15. i bid 16k for this one
  16. ok like this it IS worth at least 40k since it lasts like 4 of them and everyone almost allways buy them for 20k so 20 times four is 80 so 80k and i said 45???? is that soo bad? but since no one will pay that ill start the bid for 22k insted