[Selling] My crown jewel 18313

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  1. As many can remember the pride and joy of my old EMC life was 18313, it had my mall, the lost cave hotel, my head museum and the central teleport system to all my event. It's time to move forward with my new bigger and better build, Cooler events, more lag and rage inducing nightmares!. For this Reason its time to sell 18313

    I would love to see it get a owner that would treat it right. Therefore I fell its time to sell it for a Price I think is fair As it is a well known res with a deep rich history and well known to smp9 and Any one 3 years + on EMC.

    My asking price ins 250,000r

    Please Refrain from commenting unless you are trying to work out a deal with me. Also I have confirmed with Staff this is allowed.