[SELLING] Music discs.

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  1. I have a large chest full of music discs and was wondering if anyone was interested in buying any I was looking at like 35r a piece.
  2. I will buy some you think. Can you post a picture of it?
  3. Yes this is the link to the picture of it
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  4. Do you have strad by chance?
  5. I'll buy 10 at random jusT not the scary ones,,
    What server u on
  6. I do have strad.
  7. I'm on smp1.
  8. Ill buy a Far disc for 50 r.
  9. I'll buy all of them 1000r. Tickle your fancy?
  10. Its ok you can have them. I dont need music discs anyways.
  11. I'll be glad to give you a far, no problem.
  12. Ok at the moment I have no music discs as someone has already bought all of them.
  13. Aw
  14. Well, if you ever get anymore, I'll gladly pay you for them.
  15. Ok I will probaly get some more real soon.
  16. I'll pay 40r for strad thats 5r ex
    PS that guy ripped you off
  17. As I just said I sold all my discs.
  18. can you save me strad onec you get it?
  19. any left? i need ward and a few others... wait... stal mellohi and chirp
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  20. I don't have any left but when they fix the problems with hostile mobs I should be able to get you a few.
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