[Selling] Multiple Res’s Across SMP2, 3, 4, and 8

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  1. I am afraid I do not play much anymore and as a result, I unfortunately feel that it is the best option to sell my res’s to someone who can make better use of them, and benefit off the work I have put into them.

    Most are incomplete builds, some with more progress than others. All sold as-is. Move and container flags are on at all residence’s. PM me on here with more questions.

    Note: Each transaction will cost both of us 25,000r per sale. See the Residence Selling Rules for more info. https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/residence-selling-rules/

    Originally designed to be my personal residence, 3400 is a halfway built home, complete with workshop, pool, and main residence.

    Originally designed to be a public super smelter, this res has been dug out and demolished. The res is down approximately 18 levels from town.

    Originally designed to be a redstone shop, this quartz building has a decent inventory and chest layout inside.

    Originally designed to mimic the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park, this res has a ground level glass structure, and below ground shop which is only partially completed

    This res is partially dug out to accommodate auto-farms

    This res has a massive, fully dugout underground hospital. I built this during COVID and kind of wish I built it above ground instead. The inside is almost done but none of the finishing touches have been started. Please visit for a full tour as it is hard to photograph since most of it is under ground.
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