[Selling] Multiple Promos

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Do you like Squids? ;D

Yes, they are the best and very magic, and look majestic in water 11 vote(s) 84.6%
No, they are ugly, they should all die 2 vote(s) 15.4%
  1. I am selling a few promos!
    x2 Marlix Boots 30,000R
    x2 Marlix Chestplate 40,000R
    x1 2015 EMC B-Day Cake 20,000R
    x2 Cupid Bows 25,000R
    x1 Blizz Ard Nose Used 35,000R
    1x Blizz Ard Arm 60,000R
    x21 Dragon Stones 8,000R
    All of these items ARE negotiable
    I forgot to add, message me in-game if you want them!
  2. 8k for all dragon stone or just 1
  3. Well i buy them for a very low price at 8909 because they are so easy to get these days. Your welcome to sell there all you would like
  4. Can I sell you Dragon Stones?
  5. Depends on how many you want to sell
  6. I have 10