[SELLING] Multiple Items!

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  1. Either buy as is or offer. I DO NOT ACCEPT TRADES. I only accept RUPEES.

    ShyguytheGamer1's Voter's Axe (IRON): 50K
    ShyguytheGamer1's Voter's Pickaxe (IRON): 50K
    IAmShyguyNow's Voter's Shovel (IRON): 50K
    Cupid Bow (Unbreaking III, FINAL, SOULBOUND): 15K
    Spooky Egg (SOULBOUND): 15K
    Cupid Arrows (64): Separate-3 rupees each All-250
    Enchanted Golden Apple (5): 1K Each
    Dragons Breath (64): Separate-50 All-5K
    Dragon Head (1): 7.5K
    Vault Voucher (1): 5K
    Villager Heads (6 5): Separate-5K All-20K
    Hashhog Head (1): 10K
    Krysyy Head (NO LORE, 1): 65K

    I am willing to take offers.
  2. Will take these.
  3. Send over payment and i'll mail
  4. Sent
  5. I'll take one villager head. Could you possibly reserve all 3 voter things for a little bit? I'll try to negotiate with you in game soon
  6. Okay!
  7. krysyy head if its there please. :)
  8. I'll take the vault voucher and 5 notch apples for a total of 10k, if you can hold them for a hour or two that would be great!
  9. Payment for the head sent :D Thanks!
  10. I will take the enchanted golden apples if you still have them
  11. I do not.


    Sent and reserved


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  12. Not a bump, but just a reminder that now 2 of the voter's items are back on sale!