Selling - Most of the rares I have left

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  1. So if you saw my other topic about my collection sale, here's pretty much the leftover of it which made more sense to create another topic about. I'm selling all of these for the price listed; I could maybe bargain a little bit on it. Click here if you are interested in buying any of it; or just comment down below.


    12x Turkey Slicer - 12k each
    2x ICC Eggnog - 190k each
    5x 2013 New Years Firework - 10k each
    1x Rudolph (Unused) - 12k each
    2012 New Years Firework - 35k

    DRAGON EGG - 350k

    That's pretty much my list for now, if I find anything I'll throw it on here. Thanks everyone.
  2. I call dibs on the two holiday pix! I will pay you 26k when i get on!
  3. May I see what the ICC EggNog looks like, I am interested.
  4. Looks like a bucket of milk with the lore/text. I wish i had 190k. But I dont :-(
  5. Hmm i think ICC dropped 3 stacks of eggnog before
  6. Can I get the toothpick?
  7. Noo you beat me to it D:
  8. Well, after the toothpick, all I need is the Marlix Bow to finish the collection... :p
  9. Yep, just pay and I'll setup access at 1122.
    Renamed bucket of milk with color, lets you redeem any past 2013 promo item :)
    Sure, pay whenever you can and I'll setup access at 1122 :)
  10. Paid.
  11. Will setup in a few mins :)
  12. Thanks, pleasure xHaro!
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  13. Where did you get 25 New Year's fireworks?
  14. If it is possible can u do 11k on all the rudolphs? If so ill take them all :)
  15. I have my methods.. You have your methods.. We're all happy :)
    I'd really like 12k for it since I've only got one left :)
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  16. Is The Holiday pick used ?And Turkey slicers ?
  17. None of them are used.
  18. Ok nevermind on the rudolph then
  19. Ok Thanks
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  20. I'll take the Rudolph for the set price, set up the chest for MrUnknownAlt please.