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  1. Hi, selling most of my bulk items / anything with value. Throw a PM at me if you want anything.
    10x Nether Stars / Beacons

    2x Ore Busters
    1x Empire 2012 fireworks
    2x Holiday Picks
    1x Unused Rudolph
    1x Unused Saltar
    1x Unused Valens
    1x Marlix bow
    1x Marlix Leggings
    4x Haunted heads
    5x Labor benches
    11x 2013 New year's Fireworks
    5x Stable vouchers
    1x Vault vouchers
    1x Promo instructions

    Random Junk
    1x DC- Bottle o' enchanting
    2x DC- Podzol
    1.5x DC- Packed Ice
    1x DC- Slime ball
    1x DC- Coal Ore
    1x SC- Cracked stone bricks
    3x DC- Stone
    1x DC- Coal
    1x DC- Birch wood logs
    1x DC- Dark Oak logs
    1x DC- Nether brick ( blocks )
    1x SC- Fortune III books
    1x DC- Red sand
    3x DC- Hardened Clay ( Non-stained )
    1x DC- Poppy
    1x DC- Lava buckets
    8x Efficiency V Unbreaking III diamond pickaxes
    6x Efficiency V Unbreaking III diamond shovels
  2. cost for all 8 of the picks....
  3. 32k
  4. how much for the DC of coal?
  5. Cost for both Ore Busters, Vault Voucher, Labour Benches and Holiday Pick I'm intersted in all of thse items
  6. 6912r
  7. Ill take it
  8. how much for the hardened clay per DC?
    how much for the haunted heads each?
  9. how much for the hardened clay and 2 ore busters?
  10. slimes and xp bottles?
  11. Ore buster- 38k per
    Vault voucher- 16k per
    Labor Benches- 6k per
    Holiday pick- 21k per
    Access chest setup at 10017, please pay.
    Hardened clay- 5.5k per DC
    Haunted heads- 8k per
    Slime balls- 10k per DC
    Xp bottles- 31k

  12. Well, never mind then.
  13. Like I said, willing to negotiate. Want to get rid of my stuff.
  14. 1x Unused Rudolph
    1x 2013 New year's Fireworks

    1x - Fortune III books
    cost? i want this stuff
  15. how low could you go on the haunted heads?
  16. Probably like 7k.
    1x 2013 - 10k
    1x Unused Rudolph- 20k
    1x Fortune 3 - 800r
  17. ill only be able to buy the fortune III ill buy it tomorrow PM me and meet on what server?
  18. DC of birch? :)
  19. vault or stable vouchers x1 cost?
  20. Setup access chest at 10017, please pay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.