[SELLING] More quartz + more!

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  1. Right now at res 14459 on smp7 I have 1 double chest of quartz blocks for sale. The prices are 35r per block, or 2240r per stack. The chest shop is right infront of the res spawn.
    At the same place I also have a ton of horse armor for sale. I'm selling the diamond horse armor for 3,000r each and the gold horse armor for 1,000r each.
    All of the chests have preview signs on them, so you can see which items are still in stock.
  2. Sold it all already...
    I still have all of the horse armor for sale!
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  3. bought a dc of quartz

    ahh snip'd
  4. Bump. Still tons of horse armor.
  5. Bump. Added 20 more stacks of quartz blocks to the chest. Still have all the horse armor too!
  6. Bump. Still have those 20 stacks!
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  7. Bump. Still have all the horse armor and 18 stacks of quartz blocks!
  8. Bump. Added 16 stacks of quartz block to the chest.
  9. I will be there shortly.
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