[ Selling ] More Marlix Gear And Others.

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  1. Hey, I have these items to sell today:
    1x Marlix Bow: 90,000r (90k)
    2x Marlix Armor (Chestplate): 80,000r (80k)
    1x Marlix Leggings: 85,000r (85k)
    1x Cupid Bow: 16,000r (16k)
    1x Eggcellent Wand: 15,000r (15k)
    1x Independence Day Helmet: 72,000r (72k)
    Please post down below if you would like to purchase any other these. DO NOT pay me until I have responded to the thread about your purchase. Also DO NOT PM me over the forums about these, only on this thread. It is first come first serve.
    You Can Also Buy From 17442 on SMP8
  2. (Psst, let everyone know what armor you have!... helmet, chest, pants, boots....)
  3. I did, In the OP
  4. 2nd Marlix Chestplate added, prices lowered big time!
  5. I will take a bow and leggings of the marlix kind! Please reserve em for me, I will pay once I am on!

    1x Marlix Bow: 90,000r (90k)
    1x Marlix Leggings: 85,000r (85k)

    175,000 r total!
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  6. Will Do, I Will Mail once payment is received, Thank You
  7. Bemp. Only 2 Chestplates Left, Prices lowered to 80k per piece. The Cupid's Bow Is Left as well. They Must go!
  8. Bump, Cupid Bow is left! Still waiting for highlancer54 to pay so I can mail, thanks
  9. Paid up in full! Sorry for the delay, I was at work :(.
  10. No Worries