[Selling] Mob Heads, Horse Armor and Haunted Candy

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  1. I currently have:

    1 Ghast Head
    2 Blaze Heads
    5 Iron Horse Armor
    5 Gold Horse Armor
    2 Diamond Horse Armor
    12 Ender Pearl Haunted Candy
    12 Spider Eye Haunted Candy
    9 Rotten Flesh Haunted Candy
    14 Bone Haunted Candy\

    Post your offer down below!
  2. How much for the ghast head?
  3. 15k? Feel free to counter-offer.
  4. Only interested in those, 4.5k for all?
  5. How much for every piece of candy?
  6. How much for Blaze Head
    How much for Ghast Head
  7. I got the blaze heads. :)
  8. How much for a Blaze Head?

    Btw... Do you sell Supporter vouchers?
  9. Come to 4433, I sell them there. And no, let's try not to lead into discussion about buying things from another player, and possibly taking business. :)
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  10. 13k?