[Selling] Mob Arena Res!

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  1. I am selling a mob arena res for 400,000 rupees (Can be negotiated)
    Res info is below as is a picture of the res.
  2. wont it delete it if u leave it?
  3. You can change ownership now without having to delete the res I believe.
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  4. I'm afraid this residence isn't worth even a fifth of that :(

    For clarification, this residence isn't next to the 'front' of mob arena where you spawn in, it's on the left side of the residence. (orientation based on residence spawn location.)
  5. Only good thing is setting up a farm because of the traffic next door

    EDIT: Don't forget Aexx's res next door for your chance at 1 million rupees!
  6. Its more worth 150k-200k
  7. it has at least 30 stacks of gold blocks n it so 300/500k i would say
  8. Guys, it's not the ACTUAL mob arena, just an empty lot around it.
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  9. so there not the place (sand, etc)?
  10. Yeah, its just the empty plot he's standing on.
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  11. oh ok thanks, but no thanks
  12. If you could sell Mob Arena :p
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  13. if he was i would pay 1.5million