[Selling] Mob Arena Kits

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  1. Title says it all. I am selling kits for you to use in the mob arena. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

    Each kit contains:

    - 16 Regeneration (extended 2 minutes) potions
    - 3 Instant health II potions
    - 9 Fire resistance (extended 8 minutes) potions
    - 2 Enchanted golden apples
    - 1 arrow
    - 32 pieces of bread (trust me, you only need like 5)
    - 1 Enchanted diamond sword (Looting III, Sharpness V, Knock Back II, Fire Aspect II, Unbreaking III)
    - 1 Enchanted bow (Power V, Punch II, Infinity, Flame, Unbreaking III)
    - 2 sets of Enchanted diamond armour (Protection IV, Unbreaking III)

    The set price for one kit is 15,000 rupees.

    You may order more than one kit, even 10 if you want.

    To order a kit, do it in this format:

    IGN: Ninjaboy5656
    Number of kits: 2
    Price: 40,000 rupees
  2. These are going to be perfect for the mob arena today! I would like to see some new competition in the arena. :)
  3. these be good for quartz hunting too yall ;)
  4. Ninja, remember to nab that extra stuff for me! I may buy myself a set sooner or later too...if only the price were a hair cheaper.
  5. Bump for teh ninja! :p
  6. Well I really want to see some competition in the arena so I am going to bump the price down from 33,000 rupees, to 30,000 rupees. :)
  7. Just to let everyone know, the sword event is this wednesday so if you want a chance at that smexy sword, buy a kit! :)
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  8. This is almost a guaranteed win! Sorry ninja, I need to budget a little bit ATM, but hopefully soon i can buy one.
  9. I am reducing the price to 28,000 rupees. If you want a shot at that fantastic sword tonight, order a kit! :)
  10. Massive price reduction! Down to 20,000 rupees a kit!
  11. I am SO tempted to buy one of these...
  12. You know what? I am in a good mood so I will lower it even further to just 15,000 rupees a set!
  13. i would like to buy 4 kits,
  14. I will get them ready for you and have them ready in a few minutes. :)
  15. payment sent,
  16. The kits are ready at 3888 for you to pick up. :)
  17. 15K I might have to take one, but don't know ATM

    Hint: since u lowered price your example thing is wrong
  18. Id like to buy 1 kit
  19. Quartz hunting? How much quartz you get per trip?