Selling Minion banners at /v +KJHMall

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  1. Hey Empire

    I have started selling minion banners at smp9 /v +KJHMall for 500r

    When im done with my mall i will start selling them with other fun banners:)
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  2. Could you reserve 2 pls thanks
  3. Interesting banner. Made a purchase, thank you.
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  4. I could not get to you Mall :(
  5. Go on smp9 and do /v +KJHmall
  6. I doesn't seem to work
  7. You have to use /v +kjhmall, not /v kjhmall. You need to have the plus in the command because it is a res tag, not a res number/name :)
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  8. No residence found for that tag
  9. On SMP9
  10. Ah okay, Thanks