[Selling] Maxarian Shoes

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  1. I did have the item listed on my Collectibles thread but there I believe it did not receive as much attention as that it should and here I will make my price. The price is as steep as its for the following two reasons:
    • Only 9 pairs are in existence.
    • None of these (recently) have been sold on the market and this thread should make the price of the item more known.
    I can always negotiate the price but not by much. Please PM or post your offershere. Any price adjustments/suggestions can be posted here to inform everyone of the price/rarity.
    Oh yeah the price, 1,500,000 Rupees

    ( No Trades, only rupees :) )
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  2. Just curious but would you accept trades as well as rupee amounts? I would definitely be interested in making a deal.
  3. I am mostly looking at rupees only but the only item trade I would take would be Ore Busters :p
  4. Just so happens I have a..... few....
  5. you wouldnt even accept perm derelict vouchers or diamond vouchers or even max res vouchers
  6. I'm going to be honest with you, I think you could get more for this item...

    You technically have the power to set the price for this item since you're the only seller.
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  7. I could you're right, but I'm just trying to make a quick buck :)
  8. I've changed my mind, at the current moment, only rupees are accepted, no items
  9. Ok, I am still interested in getting it. Maybe I will just sell some things.
  10. Item has been sold!
    May an moderator+ lock/archive this thread :)
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