[Selling] Marlix Stuff & Misc

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  1. Straight to the point:

    x1 Marlix Boots - 60k Per
    x1 Marlix Pants - 35k per
    x1 - Marlix Chestplate - 80k per 60k Per
    x2 Marlix Bow - 80k per 60k per
    x1 Marlix Helmet - 30k per

    x1 Marlix Set - Bow, Boots, Pants, Chest, helmet - 250k

    x161 Dragonstone Fragments - 1.5k per
    x4 Momentus Toothpick - 38k
    x1 Happy Birthday EMC Book - Looking to get 1.6m for

    PM on Forums or ingame.

    DISCLAIMER: Do not send money without starting a conversation with me. I either do not know what you want or may be sold out for what you paid for. I set items aside for those who directly contact me.

    This stuff is being put up for auction now 11/5/2015 3:51 PM Pacific
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  2. I'll take the x40 Dragonstone fragments ill pM
  3. Bump! Prices for Marlix Gear lowered in OP
  4. Updated OP:
    Removed sold items with Dash
    Added Momentus Toothpick
    Updated DragonFragments Quantity
  5. Updated OP
    Added Sales are out for Marlix Chestplates
    Added Marlix Boots at 60k
  6. I'll take a Marlix's Bow. But is it used or unused?
  7. All unused. I don't sell used items.
  8. Bump! Updated OP
  9. i'll take boots if still available
  10. Lowered Prices for items in stock:

    Marlix Helmet - From 60k to 30k
    Marlix Leggings - 75k to 35k
    Momentus Toothpick - 95k to 38k