[Selling] Marlix Pieces & 2012 EMC Fireworks

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  1. List:
    • x1 Marlix helmet - Sold for 25k!
    • x1 Marlix Boots - Sold for 31k!
    • x1 Marlix Bow - Sold for 45k!
    • x12 2012 EMC Fireworks
    Would like to get 25k for helmet
    Would like to get 30k for Boots
    Would like to get 50k for the bow
    Would like to get 40k for each 2012 EMC Firework

    Those are the ballpark I'm aiming for, you can negotiate something that fits your price and maybe we can work something out. *Not accepting items*
  2. I'll pay 120k for all of it if no one wants to purchase it for more.
  3. does that include all 12 of the fireworks?
  4. It includes 2 fireworks
  5. Sold Marlix Bow, Updated OP
  6. Ill take the boots and helmet if you can 50k for both
  7. I'll take the boots and helmet if you'll do 52k...
  8. eh, ill take em for 55k
  9. I'll do it for 55k, when do you want to do this or you can pay me and I'll mail it to ya c:
  10. I'll pay 56k..
  11. Hmm xD Would you like to get on now or soon to buy?
  12. Id like to talk you down on a firework for my personal collection. feel free to send me a PM about it.
  13. Have you sols the boots or helmet if not I would still like to buy them
  14. As would I...
  15. I have not yet sold either.
  16. I'll pay the 56k now, can you mail them to me?
  17. Already got my stuff, Ill pass on the boots and helmet
  18. All Marlix stuff sold, Updated OP - Only 12 2012 EMC fireworks left.