[ Selling ] Marlix/Momentus Gear!

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  1. Hey guys! I've grown an interest in finding and killing the Marlix and Momentus minibosses, and I decided, hey what the heck. Why not sell the expensive drops?

    If you want any of these, you can either PM me in game, PM me on the forums, or simply go to my first smp9 res and buy it instantly.

    -1x Marlix's Helmet: 85,000r to 90,000r
    -1x Marlix's Armor (chesplate): 85,000r to 90,000r
    -1x Marlix's Leggings: 85,000r to 90,000r
    -0x Marlix's Boots: 85,000r to 90,000r (Sold out, I'll try to get more soon!)

    -2x Marlix's Bow: 85,000r to 90,000r

    -0x Momentus's Toothpick: 90,000r-100,000r (Sorry guys, all out for now!)