[Selling] Marlix Leggings x2 and Krysyy's Head! (closed)

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  1. Got a couple items for sale here, located at /v 12117 on SMP6.

    - Two One pair of unused Marlix's Leggings, with the enchants of Protection 5 and Unbreaking 5.

    - Also, one light blue Krysyy's Head, won as a prize at Netherspleef. 200k SOLD!

    You can pick up at my residence after payment is received or I can mail the item/s to you.
  2. Can we make an offer on krysyy head?
  3. I need one of those Marlix Leggings! PLease :)
  4. I'll send the pants after payment is received. :) Will be a couple hours as I have to leave for work now, but I'll send the pants soon as I return. *waves*
  5. Yeah I am still at school, (love free blocks btw lol) I will most likely be on for a few minutes after school as I have a baseball game to play in but I will send the money as soon as I get on, thanks so much! *waves back*
  6. You still wanting the leggings?

    Krysyy head is sold. :D
  7. Yep, I had a baseball game yesterday last minute, I will for sure have time later tonight, got a volleyball game right after school
  8. One pair of Marlix Leggings left!
  9. Thread closed. Thanks everyone! *Waves*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.