[Selling] Marlix Bow! Fresh off the Marlix.

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  1. So as the title lists I am selling a single Marlix Bow for 74.5k rupees.
    Not much else is needed other than a picture so:Happy buying to whoever it ends up going to :)
  2. I will take it! Paying now
  3. Alright! mailing after payment.
  4. Bump! Got one more Marlix bow today! Feelin lucky! Just as before selling for 85k r!
  5. Bump, Price dropped to 80k r! OP changing.
  6. lol I thought this thread said [Selling] Marlix Bowl Fresh off the Marlix. :p
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  7. It does... :confused:

    Edit: Can't read
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  8. Price Dropped Again to 78.5k r :)
  9. I will buy it if you drop it to 58k (since that's all I have :p)

    If no one has bought it in the next few days, I'll probably pay 74k
  10. :) Not gonna drop it that much
  11. Bumpers! 78.5k guys.
  12. Bump again 74.5k.
  13. Bump! 74.5k Pretty cheap.
  14. Meh, Almost been 3 hours but I am closing this as no buyers seem to be appearing, gonna auction it ;)