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  1. Selling Marlix bow 85k
    Still awesome
    Come to 1547 on smp1
    First come, First serve there is only one
  2. Doing an auction is your best bet!

    Might get more then a 100k if your lucky:)
  3. i got the melon auction right now
  5. bump need to get rid of this :)
  6. um
    I'll give you 5k
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  7. you wishhhhhhh
  8. arg I would have bought it if I didint have too many bows already, got the marlix boots by any chances?
  9. nope i just want to get rid of this becuse eventually ill use it and loose 100k. also theres like 5 auctions for this item so its kinda flooded by the market right now
  10. I will take it for 85k. I looked around your res but could not find the bow. Let me know if you still have it and I will send payment.
  11. Yah couldn't find it.
  12. MR POOF if youll be on tommorrow ill sell it to you sorry i didnt have a sign up for it but if your on now we can do it?
  13. I tried to get on but it looks like the authentication servers are down again. I'll pay as soon as I can connect.
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  14. okay dont rush theres a chest to buy it in my newly built shop :) (Dont be afraid to buy something else if you want ;) )
  15. I'd come buy it if I could, but the server is down!
    I have nothing else to do other than look through the forums and comment on people's threads:rolleyes: