[SELLING] Marlix Boots

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  1. Hello there today, I am looking to sell my Marlix boots for 65k a negotiable Rupee price or I am willing to trade it for Marlix Chest or Marlix Helmet.

    Post here on thread or PM me ingame or forums if interested :)

    Thread will close once a deal is completed.

    Have a wonderful terrific day ^^
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  2. Did u buy it or hunt it??
  3. He killed a Marlix and got the boots.
  4. This Marlix was hunted down and killed by me myself.
    Remember to keep all post related to the sales of the topic
    (Not saying this to you or anything but as future reference for anyone else :) )
  5. Updated OP on price :)
  6. Morning Bump! for others to see teh offer :)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.