[selling] marlix armor

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  1. Very lightly used Marlix armor. I bought this a while ago and am looking to sell it. I am looking around 90k. According to armorStatsHUD, it has 80/81 health left so still has many uses. If you want to buy it, send me a pm. Feel free to offer more. I will be selling it to the highest offer.
  2. What are the stats on Marlix armor
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  4. These are very rare. Very few have been auctioned or sold recently.
  5. Do u have the bow
  6. Il buy the chest for 20k
  7. Plz I want that chest
  8. All I have is the chest. Please send me a pm if you want it but I won't go lower than 70k. I am using this to fund a new project.
  9. I would hate to be rude but unused pieces have been going for ~30k lately. I find it a rough offer that you're giving.
  10. Really? I looked around a little and saw 80k as the price. If no one wants it at the current price, I will lower it. This is near perfect condition so I am hoping it will sell about the same.
  11. I have bought and sold Marlix Armor (chestplates) at 40-50k if that gives you an indication on price of unused ones.
  12. If you've rethought your price, I would buy for 30k. :)
  13. Well if the use is 80/81 that means people can't auction it lowering it's value significantly. :(
  14. In the world of rares, one hit even makes a huge difference. 20k is most likely the difference between a used ore buster and an unused one. That on top of the fact that I assume you're looking at old auctions from December or so, makes me have to inform you that the price of your item isn't quite what you think :p
  15. I am lowering the price to 30k and will take samsimx's offer. The thread I got the price from must have been very inaccurate. Thanks to everyone for clearing it up.
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